ComfortEar® Slim ᴺᴱᵂ

Cattle Sheep Goat Deer
Extremely lightweight to promote healing and increase retention.
One Size 1 1/8"
Printing options
  • Laser Print
    Product features
    • FDX and HDX versions
    • ICAR Approved and ISO Compliant (11784 and 11785)
    • Compatible with all two piece taggers in the Z Tags range
    • Extremely lightweight, only 6 grams, to promote healing and increase retention
    • Apply with the Z Tags No-Tear-Tagger or Universal Tagger
    • 840 USDA Approved
    • Pairs with Stockman tag to make matched pair combo

    Note: Two tag models  - 840 tag approved for cattle, 964 tag approved for other species (cattle, sheep, goat, bison, deer, hog)

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